our story

FATES new york is a jewelry and product design studio founded by Ross Keong. Since launching in December 2017, we have been recognized by Vogue and worn on the 2018 Met Gala Red Carpet. Our studio is located in Brooklyn, New York.

Our mission is to celebrate all facets which make up a person: the good and the bad, the feminine and the masculine, the vulnerable and the bold. Our brand, our pieces, and the mythic stories by which they're inspired, explore the intersection of gender, race, body, sexual orientation, and culture.

FATES draws from the Greek myth of preordained destiny. The story goes that the three sister Fates - Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos - have the power to decide each moment of a person's life. They decide the moments of affirmation and moments of fear, moments of joy and moments of loneliness. The myth alludes to mystical women, but the reality is that the Fates in our lives are more likely to take the form of the people around us. They decide how we should act, what we should feel, who we should be, and whom we should love. As a brand, FATES asks: what happens when we stop living for other people and decide to own each moment for ourselves?