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design philosophy

We strive to create clean, sculptural pieces that evokes the senses. Each facet, angle, texture, and curve has been considered so our wearers can experiment and play with the forms as their curiosities and imaginations desire.

Like people, our designs appear to be straightforward on first glance, yet become more complex as you begin to unravel the unique stories which each carries. We believe in the beauty of the weird and revel in creating elegance out of unexpected combinations of line, proportion, and form.


creation with a conscience

We believe that good design involves not only thinking about the end product, but also considering the process and materials that bring that piece to life. FATES thoughtfully combines cutting edge 3D printing technology with centuries-old casting and hand working techniques. This means using technology to minimize waste, while preserving the craftsmanship and personal attention to detail on every single item we produce.

We are also proud to use only conflict-free materials in the creation of each piece we sell.



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