Named for the three sister Fates - Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos - this collection questions the notions of destiny and control. Greek myth tells us that these sisters decide how each person's life, tied to a single thread, will play out. Clotho spins the thread, bringing with it life. Lachesis measures the thread and weaves it into the tapestry of life. Atropos decides the moment at which life ends, and cuts the thread. They decide the moments of affirmation and moments of fear, moments of joy and moments of loneliness.

The myth alludes to mystical women, but the reality is that the Fates in our lives are more likely to take the form of the people around us. They decide how we should act, what we should feel, who we should be, and whom we should love.

As a brand, we ask: what happens when you stop living for other people and decide to own each moment for yourself? As a collection, these rings represent that decision.